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About Me

I grew up in Pullman and lived here until I married Bruce Harding after my sophomore year at WSU, where my father taught U. S. and Pacific Northwest history. I finished my B. A. degree at Western Washington University in Bellingham, where Bruce taught high school social studies. Our daughter was born there and crossed the stage with me—in utero—when I received my diploma.
Several years later, Bruce became very disillusioned with teaching and decided to use his history degree in the field of archives/records management. This change resulted in a series of moves to ever greener pastures via five other states before returning to Pullman, Washington.

Since then, I worked part time in the WSU Library system until I retired in 1996. In November 2006, I began writing a bi-weekly column in our local paper for which I am paid a modest amount.

I recently joined a group that is in the process of turning our local Northern Pacific rail way depot into a heritage center for Pullman.  Until recently it was privately owned and parts of it were lived in by the owner who also had accumulated several rail cars that he also lived in.  Since the railroad played a big role in the city's development, and also because the town is named after George Pullman, it is an apt place to develop such a center.  I seem to be on the display committee.  Because I grew up here in the thirties and have vivid memories of the town in those years, as well hearing my mother's memories of attending college here in the '20's, I have that to offer as well.

I'll relate more as the project develops.

I am currently in the process of sending query letters to literary agents to help me market my mystery series.  I have six books written and am just starting book seven.  I have tentative plans for at least two or three more. I love to write. I didn't always write and had more than a few wrong-headed ideas on what constituted good writing. As a result my early efforts were overly wordy and pedantic. Attending a local writers group soon set me straight and I learned as much critiquing the work of others as I learned in English class.

Rather than isolating myself to write, I sit at my dining room table with a great view of the street and the world going by. I have no trouble with these distractions. I've witnessed such delightful scenes as watching my two grade school age neightbor girls making face prints in the snow on their way home from school or the flash mob of quail feeding in the two yards across the street. The mob grew from about five to fifteen in a matter of minutes. In the late Spring, I watch cars being stuffed for the student's trips home, and, in the fall, I watch cars being unloaded into the rentals across the street. Good theater! I also have to listen to my dog's comments about all the animal life being walked by.

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